Comprehensive custom assessments covering key areas of your digital marketing initiatives.

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Looking to ramp up your digital marketing or evaluate your current programs? We provide strategic insight tailored to your business along with recommendations on how to improve. We understand every company has their own approach for how they go-to-market to serve their customers. When you engage with BlueSky Digital, you’ll get more than a findings report, you’ll get a strategic partner dedicated to helping you succeed.


Looking to assess, build, or refine your SEO strategy? Our SEO assessments focus on five critical segments: Strategy, Technology, Content, Linking and Analytics to ensure your efforts will drive results.

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Site Performance

Our site assessment analyzes your site to highlight its strengths and areas for improvement. You’ll get insights in key areas such as conversion funnel, SEO, page layouts and design, content, messaging, marketing, and promotion.


Website analytics are a powerful tracking tool when properly configured. Our team will review analytics suite for proper tagging, reporting, and build customized dashboards to show how your marketing campaigns are performing.

Marketing Technology Assessments

Are you using the right technology to achieve your goals? Is the technology integrated properly? Our technical team will review your current systems to provide a technology roadmap that delivers the results you need.

Buyer Persona Development

Are you reaching your target audience with relevant messaging? Defining and refining your buyer personas is critical to your content and marketing plan. Our proven approach can help develop your target buyer profile(s), ensuring you build effective marketing plans.

Customer Experience & Journey Mapping

Is your customers’ experience consistent across all channels? Our Customer Mapping engagement produces an overall view of their experience and touchpoints with your brand – from initial contact through post-sale interactions.


Looking to improve your site’s overall user experience? Our usability audit measures your site using design heuristics to ensure design layout, content accessibility and architecture are tailored to your customer.

How Our Assessments Work

As your full-service marketing agency, our integrated team of experts has the ability, care, and knowledge to take your ideas from concept to reality.

Custom Assessments

Leveraging years of experience with proven best practices, we provide your business with insights specific to your objectives, not just boilerplate.

Value Add Deliverables

You will get a prioritized action plan detailing steps to drive the most ROI for your business.

Discovery Presentation

Your dedicated team that did the assessment will also guide you through their findings to provide contextual insight on where you should focus efforts.

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